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    5 Phone Apps Every International Student Should Download

    5 Phone Apps Every International Student Should Download

    As an international student, the most important thing to maintain is security and sufficient knowledge on the location of your university. Adapting to life in a foreign university can be intimidating as international students often have to overcome language barriers, culture shock, and financial issues. An excellent way to stay connected not only with life back home but to secure both financial and physical safety is downloading helpful apps. We have put together a list of 5 apps every international student should download to help make life easier in the United States.

    1. Google Maps

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    Most cell phones in the U.S. come with an application that will help international students find locations they are unfamiliar with. Google Maps is very popular in the U.S. and most important very easy to use. International students will learn how to navigate through town and find the best places to eat and even hang out after class. Always keep Google Maps at the reach of your fingertips in case you get lost!

    2. Google Drive (Slides, Docs, Excel)

    phone apps USA

    As you could probably tell all great things, come from Google, and Americans usually depend on their apps quite often. The Google Drive app will shortly become your best friend as an international student. Google Drives gives students the opportunity to instantly work on their assignments from the comfort of their phone. Within the Google Drive, you can open Word documents, Excel sheets, and even PowerPoint presentations. From your mobile device, you will be able to edit and add information minutes before going to class. International students should always look for new applications that will make their lives easier in school.

    3. Grammar Up

    phone app USA

    This app is ideal for any English grammatical questions you might have not only for assignments but everyday life. Grammar Up is an application that helps any students, not just international students, become familiar with the English language. They have material to help you practice grammar and over 20 categories that will assure you have a multidimensional experience. Having good grammar is important all throughout your life in the United States, even when looking for jobs.

    4. Evernote

    phone app USA

    College could be intimidating. Students have to keep up with a lot of different materials from each lecture and even lab works. Staying on track as an international student is important, so you finish your education on time. The Evernote app helps international students feel less intimidated by the amount of work they have. This app is especially important to take notes of things you will need immediately at your fingertips for a quiz or exam. Download Evernote to make sure you never miss a note in class and will succeed during any review.

    5. Foodler (Food Delivery)

    phone app USA

    Food is life. Having apps that will help you learn the English language is great and all but everyone needs some fuel from food. Foodler is an app that helps you get extra rewards when you order through their service. After every delivery order, international students will earn points that will later turn into a discounted price. Not only will international students have their food delivered (no transportation needed), but they will save money while doing it.

    For more advice on U.S. living Follow US Ready on social media or visit our website for more information on U.S. life.

    Magdianis Martinez is a University of Florida advertising alumni and a marketing specialist intern at US Ready. She was born in Cuba but spent most of her childhood growing up in Miami, Florida. From a young age, she embraced her ethnicity and is prideful in being able to help other international students find their passions through the comfort in the United States. Her favorite things about growing up in Miami was the food and high representation of culture within the city.

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