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    5 Tips to Help International Students Master the English Language

    5 Tips to Help International Students Master the English Language

    Learning a new language could feel intimidating at first especially for international students. To tackle any language, you must first have a proper mindset and then do your best to learn the language strategically. Here are 5 tips that should make learning English not so stressful.

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    For young children, it is easier to learn a new language because they always hear it. No matter what age you are, reading is always so helpful. Therefore, you should not limit yourself. If it’s in English, you’re reading it! Anything from newspapers to websites and even emails. The more you expose yourself to the vocabulary and sentence structure used in the language you will soon realize how simple it is. Build your vocabulary by learning new words and the context in which you use them. Learning definitions will do you no good you must learn how to use these words in a sentence.

    2. Practice out loud!

    Communicating with other family members or simply just humans is an important part of learning English. Learning the proper vocabulary for the English language and how to write it is imperative, but the ultimate goal is to communicate. Don’t be afraid of making mistakes or using an accent; it is normal. Making mistakes will only serve to teach you in the long run, and you will never know how far you have come if you do not practice out loud. Engage with English speaking individuals and practice all day long! Don’t feel intimidated to practice. After all, practice makes perfect.

    3. Watch English TV

    Another great way to learn the English language if you are abroad or don’t have others to communicate with is to watch tv shows or even youtube. International students should use this opportunity to improve their English by practicing how to pronounce certain words. An expert tip if you would still like to enjoy a show by fully understanding it is to include English subtitles. Some great sitcoms that will help your conversational skills include “How I Met Your Mother” and “That 70s Show”.

    4. Ask Questions

    As you take on the quest to learn English always remember to ask a lot of questions. Learning a new language could take a while so write down any questions you have along the way and do some research. If you are taking classes to learn English you have the opportunity to ask your teach they are more than happy to help. If you are afraid of asking in a big class you may schedule a meeting with them to speak privately. You are never learning English alone, even if you do not have access to a professor there is always the internet. The internet is filled with blogs and articles filled with resourceful information made just for you.

    5. Don’t be ashamed

    Never give up. It will be a long process, and it will be tiring, but it will also be worth it. Always recognize the great accomplishments you have made in learning the English language. Never tell yourself that it is “too difficult, ” or you will “never get this.” Those negative thoughts could lead to actions that will backtrack the progress you have made to learn English. Practice positive affirmations that will motivate you such as “I could do it” and “I am better” to have the motivation to continue the practice. Remember where you began and the progress that you have achieved on your own. Don’t be embarrassed to practice the English language and don’t be ashamed of making mistakes. Every single day you will become better than you were the day before.

    Interested in learning more tips to improve your study abroad experience in the United States? Follow US Ready on social media or visit our website for more information on U.S. living.

    Magdianis Martinez is a University of Florida advertising alumni and a marketing specialist intern at US Ready. She was born in Cuba but spent most of her childhood growing up in Miami, Florida. From a young age, she embraced her ethnicity and is prideful in being able to help other international students find their passions through the comfort in the United States. Her favorite things about growing up in Miami was the food and high representation of culture within the city.

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