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    Get your free ride

    Welcome to Gainesville.

    If you’re new to the city and don’t have a car or know your way around, Local Living can help.
    Local Living Inc., a non-profit service, offers international students free rides to and from places
    around town including:

    Grocery stores


    Cell phone providers

    Car dealerships


    Local Living

    arranges weekly trips to the grocery store and to other places upon request.


    are friendly and resourceful. Each volunteer is pre-approved to help international students seeking assistance.

    Free Ride Signup

    1. Please send us a ride request at any time. If a volunteer is available to provide a ride, we will put you in contact with them. There may be times when no​ volunteers are available.
    2. Please let us know the details of your ride request at least three ​days in advance.
    3. Please be courteous to your volunteer driver and respect their time.
    4. Clearly specify the locations you request to visit in your ride request. Those will be the only ​places your volunteer driver will take you.
    5. Students who take advantage of the service or conduct themselves inappropriately during the ride will be prohibited from using the service again and reported to authorities, if necessary.
    6. Students who accept free rides will not hold Local Living, it’s owner, staff or volunteers responsible for any damages, lost items or personal injuries related with the rides.