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    5 Career Tips for International Students [Infographic]

    5 Career Tips for International Students [Infographic]

    US Ready just hosted our 2017 Career Ready Workshop for international students. During the event, UF international students learned about writing resumes and cover letters and interviewing for jobs. Students asked questions for almost an hour.

    Here are the top five tips for international students looking for a job:infographic - 5 career tips for international students looking for a job

    1. Proofread

    International students should have someone proofread their resume and cover letter. Grammatical and spelling errors are the number one common mistake international students make.

    1. Tailor

    Not only UF international students should pay close attention to an employer’s job description. Everyone should spend time tailoring their resume to the specific job requirements. Leave out unnecessary information.

    1. Dress Code

    It’s never wrong to be overdressed for an interview unless specifically stated. Charcoal and navy suits are most recommended.

    1. Body Language

    70% of communication is through body language. Practice with another individual. Focus on communicating confidence without being arrogant.

    1. Experience

    Set yourself apart through your experience. Find an off-campus internship in your major and make sure to communicate it well in an interview. You can find one through the University of Florida international center.

    Need more assistance with getting a job? View our career services.

    Jay Jordan Uy is an MBA graduate from Northcentral University, specializing in Marketing. He is originally from Tampa, FL. His favorite things about Florida are straight highways, winter, and theme parks.

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