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    Our Story

    About US Ready

    US Ready is a leasing agency and housing consultation service based out of Gainesville, Florida. We are dedicated to helping students and young professionals from all over the world transition seamlessly into life in their new homes. We provide a full-suite of resources from housing assistance, airport pick up and more, delivered with unbeatable customer service. The US Ready team is ready to service all those currently living or seeking to move to Florida, California, Georgia, and Arkansas.

    Meet Cindy

    When I found out I would be attending school in the United States, I was excited for the opportunity that awaited. I wanted to plan everything and have the perfect experience, but I quickly found out I had no idea how to get reliable information about housing and life in the United States.

    I thought I made the right decisions when preparing, but as I arrived in the United States, I realized I’d been wrong. I was shocked to find my bedroom did not come with furniture. It was so small I felt like I was living in a closet. Worst was the long walk to the bus stop that I had to endure in the Florida summer heat.


    I recalled that experience years later when a few family friends approached me asking for guidance as their own children prepared to move to the US, and it struck me that many other international students could benefit from my knowledge and from services that help them make the move.
    I founded US Ready with the hope that I could help students and other international newcomers get the best experience out of moving to the United States. The US Ready team and I continue to work towards those goals today, and I am humbled to see all of the lives that have been made easier because of our assistance.

    – Cindy Gonos, US Ready President and Founder

    Our Mission

    US Ready strives to relieve students and professionals from all over the world of the pressures of transitioning to life in a new town. We aim to provide the highest quality tools and services to as many as possible, so that they can be ready to thrive in their new environment.

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    Safety and Quality Assurance

    We pre-approve all of our workers and volunteers to make sure they are right for the job. We also offer safe payment, and we guarantee that our company will give you the highest quality service and will work to provide you with the greatest discounts available.